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It was a long night!

I was sure that M. was flaring. I had instituted the “sick plan” (and endured the questions and looks from the pharmacist that happens every time a med is prescribed differently than the norm….”yes, I know Pulmicort is a q 12 drug. Yes, I know he prescribed it 3x/day…I’m aware of the potential for side effects.”) After following the sick plan for 5 days…I figured that we were out of the woods. Except that her nose was still running, and she was beginning to cough A LOT more. So, I decided to keep up with the q 4 nebs, setting my alarm at night so we wouldn’t miss one. It seemed to be helping…so I kept up with that for a few days. Till last night…when FIRST, I hit off on the alarm, rather than getting up…until the cough was so bad that it roused me. By then, of course…it took longer for the albuterol to open her lungs…which then caused her to cough so much she threw up. Of course, for M. throwing up is totally within the norm…and she’s really good at it…when she knows it’s coming. She wasn’t expecting to throw up, so instead of getting to the bathroom (since, bad mom…I put away the bowl) she vomited all over the bed. This caused hysterics…which woke A. Fun times, now I was doing laundry at 1:30am…and the adrenaline of waking up to hysterical screaming was coursing through my body…sleep was now not going to happen.

Somehow, we made it through the night…and I put a call into the Pulmo. He was not in the office…and his nurse said…how about you call the pediatrician, in case she has an infection. So, I called, they squeezed us in. Verdict…totally clear lungs, O2 sats at 100%…most likely…sinus infection. This means the sick plan worked, and kept the cold from causing a flare…but, she needs antibiotics. Hopefully, she’ll be perkier after a good nights sleep and a couple doses of the Zyrithromycin.

She’s a little more comfortable with some cold medicine in her. I’m hoping I can convince her to nap in a bit…I know I want to.