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Things have been quiet

Other than the brief blue period on Monday, things have been really quiet lately. Mariella needs her meds, obviously, and needs her Xop about once a day…but the cough at night isn’t the scary cough…she isn’t out of control coughing during the day…it’s just quiet. I like that.

Her appetite is crap, and we’re working on that. I wish I knew how to get her to eat more. I’ve told her that it’s my job to serve her healthy food, and it’s her job to eat it…and she knows that…but she spends so much of her time either feeling crummy, or being afraid that she’s going to feel badly, that she is afraid to eat. I understand, really I do…but she needs to grow and be healthy and strong.
On a side note…I called our homeowners insurance, and there is no increase in insurance if we get a trampoline…so I think we’re going to do that this summer. It’s fabulous for lung health, and Abby’s psych also encouraged it for Abby’s sensory integration issues.