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So….on a completely different vein….

How ’bout dem SAINTS!!!!!

We had a fabulous day with good friends, watched a great game…enjoyed the food and fun. It was a party weekend, M’s sixth birthday party on Saturday…Super Bowl on Sunday.

M seems to be doing pretty well on the new med. She’s coughing…but last night, she woke up and asked for a treatment, but then fell asleep before I even got out of bed…and no more coughing the rest of the night.

Of course, I feel like I’m starting a good flare. I’m working on prevention, hoping that I can avoid it entirely…but, it’s that time of year.

We’ve got allergy testing scheduled for both the girls. They have been asking for a pet, but we’ve suspected allergies…so before we decide whether to get a cat or not, I have to make sure that neither of the girls will suffer for having one. A…who is nothing if not practical said, “am I going to get all those pricks? Good…I wanted to get that…maybe THEN, we can make my bunny nose and drips stop. It’s really about time you did it, Momma.” Of course, she could have been nicer about it, but that just wouldn’t be A.