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Even when I CAN, I don’t!

Sleep through the night, that is.

My parents took the girls for the weekend. A will be skiing today…I’m pretty sure M will be hanging out with Grammy…she was still looking pretty pathetic last night.

We asked M several times…Grammy, Grampy and I, whether she wanted to go, or stay home. She was adamant that she wanted to go to visit, but “maybe probably not go skiing” So, I packed them all up, got all their meds into their containers. Wrote them all out. (A mentioned that “wow, there sure are a lot of medicines written here, most of them are Sissa’s) I put them in their seats in Grampy’s car, and kissed them good bye.

About 3 hours later, my phone rang…I had forgotten to write down the antibiotic. Thankfully, dad thought to call, rather than decide just to give it to her. I guess when you are writing down 8 medications at 3 different times a day, it’s just human to forget the newest and most temporary one.

I climbed into bed last night, almost giddy at the thought of sleeping through the night. I fell asleep, and wouldn’t you know…my brain wanted me to wake up…and wake up I did. I actually got up to check on M. even though I KNEW she wasn’t sleeping in her own bed last night. Hopefully, tonight, my brain will remember that I don’t need to wake up.