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70 degrees and blue lips…don’t think she’s cold

We were at Abby’s dance class today, and Mariella came over to sit on my lap. I was playing with her, and realized that her lips were kind of bluish. I asked her if she was tight, and she thought about it and said no…but I looked at her fingernails, and they were a tad blue too. I gave her a couple hits of her Xop, and had her take some big breaths. Her lips pinked up right away, and her nailbeds were pink within 2 minutes or so…it’s all good now. I made sure she did her acapella before bed, in case we’ve got some mucous hiding in there.

I’m not going to flip out about it…she pinked up. I don’t hear any wheezes at all, not even deep in the small airways. We’ve got an appointment coming up soon, and I’m sure he’s going to do a chest series. It’s been a while, and I still want to know what’s going on in there.
She was totally exhausted tonight too…she barely ate dinner (but she did eat a TON yesterday, so she might still be processing that.) She asked to go to bed, and didn’t ask if she could read or anything. Tough to know if it’s belly or lungs that are bugging her.
It WAS nice to see her outside on Saturday, running and playing. She was swinging and skipping and playing in a way that we’ve never seen before. Lately, how she feels has either been FANTABULOUS or craptastic, with little in between. I wish we could get more fantabulous days, because I hate the craptastic ones. OR, if we can’t have fantabulous days, I’d settle for not craptastic.
Hopefully, she won’t do her blue thing at school, because it’s really very subtle…not anything that the teacher would necessarily notice. Stuff like THAT really scares me. That something will happen, and no one will really notice, until she’s in crisis mode.