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3 Quiet days…can’t I get more than THAT?

I kept Mariella home today. She went to bed early, slept late, and when I woke her up, she cried that she didn’t feel very well. That is actually quite unusual behavior for her…still, I told her to get dressed. She started to, without complaint. So, I checked with Rob (I had already agreed to sub today) and he was home all day, so I decided that she should probably stay home.

Her belly was hurting, and her legs were hurting, and she was a little tight. She seems to be starting with a cold again too…so I’m going to implement stage one of her sick plan. We increase airway clearance, and have the Pulmicort on tap, if things progress. I will be so glad to get in to see her pulmo next week.
Hopefully, she’ll be able to go to school tomorrow. She wants to go to her sister’s dance class in jammies today, and I’m just going to let her. I might make her let me comb her hair first, though.