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As in “crapping out” Mariella just finished her 4th rescue treatment in 24 hours…I guess I can be happy she didn’t WAKE UP in the middle of the night needing a treatment…but the fact that she needed one before bed, one this morning, her rescue puffer at school, and was asking for a treatment when she got home…basically, she’s on Q4 again. Guess it’s time to implement sick plan fully. Increased airway clearance didn’t keep this one at bay. Should have known.

I’ll also call Dr. D in the morning, just to make sure we don’t want to be more aggressive. (since she’s still coughing AFTER the neb.)

Why this week…REALLY…why? Couldn’t I prepare for what SHOULD be a fun, relaxing long weekend without worrying about what might happen when we’re away. I just want to cry. I KNOW my parents can handle it…I just hate that they are going to HAVE to handle it.