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Up is up…right?

M gained 2 ounces over the year. I don’t trust this scale…and I don’t trust 2 ounces…(TMI alert) because I don’t remember the last time she pooped. It’s very possible that she’s going to poop today, and she’ll have actually LOST weight from last year.

I’ll admit, I was hoping (however unrealistically) for a 5 lbs weight gain.

Officially, she is hovering at about the 20th percentile. Under that is considered “failure to thrive” What kills me, is that she HAS dropped in percentiles. She was 50th/50th until she was 3…now, she’s 6 years old, and has dropped to 20th. A is in the 50th percentile…she isn’t the tallest in her class, or the smallest. I wasn’t expecting M to be ginormous, by any means…she doesn’t come from “ginormous” genes.

We’ll be having a gastro appointment in a few months, and I take those measurements more seriously. If she has a gain there, I count it as a gain.

I’m trying not to let it get to me, but I’m feeling really sad. It doesn’t matter how much I prepare myself for the reality of life with my chronically less than healthy kiddo…sometimes, it just comes in and kicks me.

On a somewhat related note…if the school nurse tells me one more time that she doesn’t know what I’m talking about…M NEVER comes in to complain about her tummy…I’m going to scream. I should just keep MY mouth shut…but since I brought M in late, I popped in to the nurse to let her know that M had asked for a baby Tums this morning, which means that her belly was REALLY bothering her, since she doesn’t typically ask for them. I just wanted to let Mrs. L know that if M came in, that I was home, and she could feel free to call me. HOWEVER, it was nice to hear that Miss A. has been making less field trips to the nurses office this year. I think her many sojourns there in past years have been when the “itchiness” got to be too much, and now that the ADDerall is doing it’s magic, and she isn’t “so itchy in her seat” she doesn’t need to make the field trips to the bathroom and the nurse and to get a drink, etc.