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Yesterday, Mariella had a quick, tight cough going on…just one little fit, and then she said she was good…but I gave her a hit of Xop anyway…just to be safe. She didn’t cough all day…(she said) and I didn’t get a note from the nurse stating that she had been to the clinic for a rescue puff. Last NIGHT, though…she coughed enough that I was contemplating nebbing her…then, I fell back to sleep. Mariella is complaining about being “really, really more tired than usual” Which leads me to believe that she didn’t sleep well last night. I’ll give it a day or so before I start the sick plan, since I’m really NOT sure what’s going on…is she starting a flare…or is her reflux kicking up more? (she’s been complaining about volcanoes in her chest again…even on Prevacid 2x’s a day.) More reflux usually means more coughing…which leads to a good flare…but, I really just don’t know what to do. I hate not knowing what to do.

I wonder if we should start using a peak flow meter? How young is too young to use one? Will I have a better handle on what to do with more information, or will I totally freak out more? Definitely something to ask about at our next appointment.