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I had planned to go to bed early. However, after Mariella asked for actual treatments, as opposed to just puffers, 3 times yesterday…I was pretty sure she was going to need them at night, too. It’s worse to me, to go to sleep, only to be awoken at least twice to do treatments. So, I decided to stay up until the first treatment. Then I went to sleep. Only to be awoken 2 hours later to do another treatment…and another 2 hours later. Needless to say, we are both exhausted.

We woke up late, so there was no way to fit all the treatments in before the bus. (2 neb treatments, airway clearance, plus all the stuff we NORMALLY have to do) So I drove her in. I have a feeling we’ll be driving in every day this week.

Hopefully, we get this flare under control before we leave on Friday morning.

A new record!

We made it one whole week with no need to neb in the middle of the night. However, the streak was broken last night.

Stupid me…I had gotten complacent. I didn’t move the upstairs neb machine back into her room, and I didn’t have meds in her room, ready…so, it wasn’t an easy “get up and do it in my sleep” kind of thing. I had to get the machine…and oops, I took that cup to our friends house, because it was clean, and the other one was waiting for the dishwasher…and crud, the meds are down stairs. So, by the time I was done with the treatment, I was WIDE awake.

On a “normal childhood” note…It’s SKI WEEK!!!! The girls and I are heading to my parents…A will go skiing with Grampy tomorrow…and we’ll head home. M will be spending the week with Grammy and Grampy in the mountains…and she’ll get some skiing in with them. She’s healthy-ish…so it should be a good trip. If nothing else, the extra week off of school will help her out. She’s finally over the sinus infection, and mostly clear. It should be an easy week for my parents. I wasn’t diagnosed with asthma until I was in high school, and it wasn’t as scary as M’s…but they really do well with it. Once I explained that the maintenance puffers are for every day, not just if you think she needs them. They are fabulous with med compliance, and aren’t scared to keep her.

Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures of them skiing to post next week.

And this is why I can’t get a REAL job

Typical…really. I’ve committed to working tomorrow. I can’t call in. So, of course, M. is in distress.

Her cough never really got better with the antibiotic for the sinus infection…it DID sound like it was going deeper. I decided to wait and see what happened when she finished the Zithromax. I wasn’t expecting her to wake up cough free, but I was expecting her to get back to status quo…and not have her asking for treatments.

Today, when she got out of dance, she was coughing rather consistently. (to the point where one mom made a comment to another mom about “keeping sick kids home.”) She asked for a treatment before we even left the studio. I gave her a shower (hoping maybe the steam would open her up) and she coughed all the way through it. She got dressed and said, “Mommy…you forgot to give me a treatment.” I grabbed my trusty stethoscope and gave a listen. At first, I didn’t hear anything unusual…until I went down to the base of her lung…there, clear as a bell, a lovely wheeze.

Which brings me to the original point of the post. Because M. doesn’t typically wheeze, I need to call her pulmo. He will most likely want to see her…which I won’t be able to do. It’s SO hard for me to let Rob take her to pulmo appointments. I can handle him bringing her to the regular pediatrician…but specialist appointments…I have a hard time with it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep my phone on tomorrow, so I can at least talk to Donna, and then have her call Rob if Dr. D. thinks he needs to see her.

I’m just so tired of this. Let me slide into being six for a moment, to whine “It’s NOT FAIR!!!” I don’t want to have to worry all the time. I don’t want to have to keep a nebulizer plugged in and at the ready all the time. (oh, I mean 2…I keep one in her bedroom and one in the playroom) I don’t want to have to worry when we fly, because I have to bring machinery on the plane. I want my baby to be able to breathe all the time. I don’t want her to have to know when she needs a treatment. Can we stop this ride, I want to get on a different one.

The alphabet soup of my life

When I was in school for Occupational Therapy, we all joked that we talked in letters. Everything had an abbreviation, and we rarely used the actual words when we talked to each other.

As I was laying in bed last night, it hit me that I talk in letters again, even though I’m nowhere near the world of OT. Things like “q4 nebs” and PRN and TID fall from my lips as easily as singing my ABC’s. I often forget that not everyone understand what the heck I’m talking about. I was talking to a friend, and said “We’re doing q4 nebs, round the clock, so I’m up twice a night…I’m exhausted.” She looked at me as though I was speaking Swahili, and really, to her…I was.

I was filling in my “purse card” (the listing of all the medications the girls take, along with dosages) because we’ve had another med change…so I needed the card to reflect that. How sad is it, that between the two girls, I literally can’t remember the names or dosages of all the medication they take. A “only” takes 4 medications daily…M, at times, is taking 7 different medications. She’s been asking lately why she has to take so much medication, and how come it doesn’t really make her feel better. I hate that I don’t have the answers.