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A fabulous trip to Boston

I dragged…er….brought my family to Boston today. I am a HUGE (all caps, double underline) Harry Potter fan, and it’s coming up on the last few weeks of the big HP exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. So, we bundled up and went out.

We got about 3/4 there, and M started complaining about her belly. So, I chucked a bucket back at her, and prayed. She doesn’t get car sick, exactly…but if her belly is bugging her, going on a car trip is a good way to set her off. Thankfully, it was a false alarm…though, I don’t doubt she was feeling pretty sour.

We parked at the T stop, and walked to the train. It was COLD. We only needed to ride for one stop…then another walk in the cold air. BUT, so far, so good. M was breathing fine, Daddy was really nice and carried her. (I guess that’s one advantage of being the size of a 3 year old…she can still be carried)

We got there, and we checked out some of the exhibits, then headed into the HP exhibit. It was SOOOOO awesome. A and I LOVED it. M really didn’t care so much about it. Then, we went back into the museum, where the girls touched everything, and of course, I forgot to throw sanitizer into my purse. I’m crossing my fingers that no one gets sick.

Then, back on the train, and a little bit of a longer walk to lunch. It was time for Atrovent, so I was getting her puffer ready, when she gave me a funny look, coughed a few times and sort of gasped out…”I think I need my blue rescue puffer.” I was prepared, so Xop first, then Atrovent. My mother always told me that I wasn’t supposed to “medicate” in public. I’m not sure why…but that is always in my head when I have to give M her puffers in public.

Apparently, M was feeling better, because she ate so much lunch. It was very tasty…and one of her favorites. I’ll take good eating were I can get it…though I did have to stop her, because I didn’t really think I wanted the chicken fingers to make a repeat performance. By the end of lunch, she was looking droopy and wanted to cuddle.

We walked back to the train, rode the few stops, and got back in the car. Of course, THEN…A started coughing. I asked her if it was a drip…she’s off her allergy meds in preparation of allergy testing…and she said…I don’t think so, I think it’s my lungs. So…I gave HER a couple of puffs of Xop…and her cough calmed down too. I’m sure it was due to the walking in the cold for her. She has reactive airways, and I’m sure they were just reacting.

All in all…a great day…mostly symptom free…since I don’t ever really expect a totally symptom free day.

I would also totally recommend the exhibit, if given the chance. I almost decided not to go, but I’m SO glad I did.