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I WON’T freak out…

It’s probably nothing. In fact, I’m SURE it’s nothing…OK, I guess it’s that I HOPE it’s nothing. I’m trying not to freak out.

Mariella was sick two days ago. One and done. Fine the rest of the day. She ate well. Typical…we’ve been waiting for a good “blow”. I wasn’t concerned.

Until this morning…when she threw up again. Is two episodes in 2 days really a big deal? I don’t know…but when this whole thing started, she was throwing up every 2-3 days. I guess we’ll have to see what happens…I’m just not used to having her blow so close together anymore.

On a less stressful note…it has been fabulous to listen to the girls playing nicely all day. They really do miss one another when they are apart. They may not always get along, but the love they have for each other is SO very apparent.