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Probably only funny to ME!!!

I was babysitting for my friends son last night. He has Cystic Fibrosis…so we did his airway clearance. (Should have taken a picture of them sitting on the couch, each doing their acapella) and gave him his meds.

I tucked them all up to bed, he got his own room, with fresh sheets. (just to make sure there weren’t any bacteria monsters hanging out there) and Abby and Mariella shared a room. I settled down on the first floor, to read.

I’m absorbed in my book when I hear a cough. My ears perked up…because I couldn’t tell right off who it was. I heard it again…so I went to the stairs…still couldn’t tell. So I went up, and thought I would ask D. (obviously, I SHOULD recognize my OWN kids cough…) The child looked at me like I was nuts…and actually told me that, “Um, SARA…my medicine makes it so I DON’T cough..”

So, of course…it was Mariella. I nearly brought her into my room…because I didn’t want the cough to bother Abby…but Abby was insistent that they have a sleep-over. So I puffed her, and let it go.

We kind of laugh, when both the kiddo’s are having trouble…if they are in the other room together, and there is coughing…we often hear…”That one’s not ME” or “It’s me…I’m ok”…or even better, when Abby comes in and says…”Jeez…they’re BOTH coughing like CRAZY!”