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And here we go again….

Yesterday…4pm…little bit of a runny nose.
Yesterday…8pm…didn’t like what I heard in her lungs (gave her Xop)
Today….7:30am…started airway clearance.

I’m a little nervous about what Mariella’s going to sound like when she gets home. Her URI’s run the same course every single time…and I can time it nearly to the hour. She is SO used to feeling a little tight, that it often doesn’t register. Especially when I can HEAR that she’s having a bit of trouble, or can see it…and I ask…Mariella always answers, “no, I’m not tight” and then she thinks about it, and realizes, that yeah…she IS tight.

It’s all good, though. I’ve got the sick plan in place, ready to implement. Neb machines on both floors, with cups and meds all ready. I’m prepared this time.

On the ME front…I’m taking all next week off…so that I can get packed and get the girls all ready for us to be gone for 4 days. Of course, picture day is next week, and my mom is SO hair challenged…but it will be fine. I have vowed to relax on the cruise.