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Wear Gray For Asthma Awareness

That’s something you don’t see. We’ve got “Go Red For Women” We’ve got “Wear Blue for Autism” We’ve got “Wear Green for Organ Donation” The ever popular “Wear Pink for Breast Cancer” I’ve never ever seen…”Wear gray for Asthma”

Of course…though I’m wearing my blue shirt today…I don’t believe that it’s raising awareness about anything. If I were wearing a shirt that SAID something about Autism…THEN I think I’d be raising awareness, but just a blue shirt…my husband is wearing a blue shirt right now, and I know it has nothing to do with Autism awareness. Unfortunately, we’re all aware of Autism. We’re aware of Breast Cancer. Asthma is one of the forgotten diseases. After all, it’s “only asthma” I guess it doesn’t matter that 11 Americans die every day from asthma and asthma related causes. How many people a day need to die for it to stop being “just” asthma? How many children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers need to die before people understand that it’s not just a disease where you need a quick puffer, and you’ll be fine.

I don’t think I’m asking too much. Maybe we need to pick a day where we all wear gray. We can make a FaceBook event…that seemed to get a big response. Maybe May 4th…May is Asthma Awareness month…May 4th is World Asthma Day…maybe we should get something together.