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So far….so good….

I’m so happy…apparently, the allergy tests were right. We brought the kitten home on Saturday, and the girls are both showing no signs of trouble!! I’m also pleasantly surprised that I’M have very little trouble. Some slightly itchy eyes, and a little bit of a runny nose…but nothing that I can’t handle.

Piper is fitting in so well with us. She sleeps on my lap all day, but doesn’t freak out if I put her down. Right now, we’re keeping the bedroom doors closed. I tried to open ours last night, but Piper decided to climb the curtains, so she was banished again, until I can clean up the room. Abby’s been told that as soon as she cleans her room, and closet, Piper can go into her room too. I’m hoping it will be some incentive to keep her room clean.

All in all, I’m just so happy to have a kitten in the house again.