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Tummy Trouble

It’s been a about 2 months since we had an episode…so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Mariella woke me up this morning with, “I threw up, but I feel fine now.”

I can almost handle a vomiting episode every month or so, if she’s feeling good most of the time.  I just hate that it’s so commonplace to her that she doesn’t even cry for me…and doesn’t even tell me right away that she threw up.

She’s perked up, feeling good.  She’s just a little afraid to eat anything…but I’m sure she’ll be up to it soon.


I’m super confused

I’m saying that like it’s a NEW thing…and really…it’s not.  However…today, I’m confused about the Clinic team wanting to get Mariella off her steroids.

I’ll start by saying I GET that the amount of steroid she’s on is not great.   I would LOVE to see her NOT need to inhale so much steroid into her little system.  Her growth is stunted, she’s hairy, like a little monkey (ok, maybe not THAT bad, but she’s covered with dark, baby fine hair…all because of the steroids)  Imagine if she was OFF all the ‘roids, and she shed her fur and started to grow…the thought is mind boggling.  It would be WONDERFUL.

But, (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there) we ran out of Symbicort yesterday, so she didn’t get her morning dose.  By the end of the day, she had already needed her Xop twice…and will be getting a third dose before bed, because the cough is already back.  Can it fully be blamed on the lack of Symbicort?  I don’t really know.  She’s been working on wonky lungs for almost 3 weeks now…so is it possible that her lungs have just gotten to the point were she is actually going to flare, rather than the junky, constant cough she’s had for 3 weeks…or is it that she’s been working on wonky lungs, and the lack of Symbicort was enough to make her fall over the edge?  Who really knows…I sure as anything don’t.

On a total aside,  my other GP kid mom friend and I were talking yesterday, and she was saying that her son blows fabulously on his PFT’s too, when he’s on the medication.  So, I guess I’m still confused as to why the Pulmo at Clinic is confused by M’s good numbers.  We’ve never DONE PFT’s when she’s NOT on medication…but from what my friend was saying…her son’s numbers are better than M’s and no one seems to be questioning HIS medication.  I know that no two kids are alike, and no two asthmatics are alike…but it seems rather bizarre that a different kid with the same problem (and from what everyone says, more severe lung damage) isn’t having their meds questioned…while my kid does.  (and, while I know that PFT’s can be effort based, and also skewed by poor technique…Mariella has good technique, and wears herself out with the effort that she gives…her numbers are solid.

I don’t know…we have to make a decision and call Clinic to either make an appointment, or schedule the hospital stay.

Happy New Year

I have to say, I’m kind of glad to see 2010 on it’s way.  It’s been a tough year…and while I can’t go back and pick out exactly what made it hard…I just know I’m exhausted, and I’m ready to start fresh…start new…and hopefully, be able to look forward to a happy and healthy new year.
The happy part…we’re doing all right.  There is lots of love and laughter in our house.  I’m working on being less short tempered, and more willing to listen.  It’s not a resolution, but something I know I need to remember to do all the time.

The healthy part….well…we’re working on that.  Mariella appears to be working on a good flare.  However, it hasn’t come to much more than a constant, icky cough that is annoying to her and to me…but not overly concerning.  We haven’t had to up her rescue meds…her typical pattern is such that she needs some sort of rescue treatment (neb or puffer) 4 or 5 times a week anyway…but it hasn’t increased at all.  She just sounds icky, and she’s tired and a little cranky…almost like she is willing herself, and using all her energy to stay well.  I hope it works…and that her little body doesn’t just get so tired of fighting that she totally craps out.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m thinking positively…and not even “hoping for the best, and expecting the worst” like I usually do.


Other than that…life is pretty good.  Abby is thriving in 4th grade…she is doing phenomenally, academically…socially…well…she still struggles a bit, but she has found a great, core group of friends who accept her for who she is, and at least can see past her quirks, if not embrace them.  Mariella is enjoying school as well.  ADD is on the radar…but it’s hard to tell…even though she doesn’t always feel SICK anymore, she’s spent her entire “school career” feeling crappy…and really hasn’t learned how to sit at her desk and do her work, and not be distracted…so it’s a learning process.  Thankfully, her teacher is fabulous, and is working with her to teach her how to succeed in school.


I hope that everyone had a wonder Holiday season…and is also looking forward to the new year.