Sorry for my absence

Things have been just sort of going along.  No big improvements, but nothing tremendously terrible, aside from the normal ups and downs of living with asthmatic children.

Abby had a cold that won’t go away.  I called her allergist/asthma specialist, and they wanted to see her, so she went in with Rob, and she started on her sick plan-prednisone and advair until the cough goes away…but that was a week ago, and the cough hasn’t abated like I think it should on the meds, so I called back.  They were double booked on Wednesday, so they suggested calling the pediatrician.  Since I was  pretty sure we were looking at a sinus infection, rather than anything pulmonary/asthma related, I decided that the pediatrician could get us in, we were going there. (the cough never really sounded “asthma-y”-it sounds like a drippy cough)  Though, on the phone with the triage nurse at the allergist, I felt like a considerable idiot…constantly answering “I don’t know” to her questions.  Why is it that I can have conversations about Mariella, about subjects that I rival the doctor’s on knowledge and ability to brainstorm symptoms and treatment plans, etc…but my kid with “normal” typical, run of the mill asthma….I sound like an absolute idiot?

So, the diagnosis IS sinusitis, but the pedi doesn’t want to take her off of the asthma sick plan, just in case (plus, she was on a long taper of pred, and he didn’t want to stop her cold on that) He added amoxocillian, and hopefully, we’ll be able to knock out the infection, and get the cough to go away too.

Mariella is doing pretty well.  She’s starting to try new foods.  We did a quick weight check at the pediatrician’s office, but I don’t really go by their scale.  We’ll get an official weight in a couple weeks when we go to Clinic.  On their scale, she showed a gain, which is AWESOME, however, we’ve showed gains on that scale, and then not on the “official” scale, so I’m not going to share the amount, or get too excited until we see a gain on the official scale. (the gastro also says not to count gains until we see it on TWO weigh ins, because what looks like a gain might not actually BE a gain, it might be due to a huge breakfast that morning, or not pooping for a couple days, etc.)


Other than that, I’ve been keeping pretty busy…subbing quite consistently.  In fact, I’ve got a gig that is going to last an undetermined amount of time.  The paycheck is nice, but I miss being home too.  Thankfully, I’m home before the girls, and they don’t have to go to daycare or anything like that.  The sub coordinator is also very accommodating, in that I can call for a sub for ME, if I need to.

We’ve got a busy month coming up.  We’ve got a trip on the Polar Express planned, and “pre-Christmas dinner” at my parents house, and then the insanity that is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Somewhere among the working, I have to find time (and money) to get Christmas presents.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends (and Happy  4th Friday of November to all my NON-American friends)

2 Responses to “Sorry for my absence”

  1. 1 kerri November 27, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Hey, you’re a busy mommy — but, I missed you!! Thanks for the update, and I hope Abby feels better really soon. I’m also happy, happy, happy that Mariella is trying new foods! Hopefully this means she’s having good results with the new GI plan, and the scale at clinic will show a gain!

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