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One whole week…

We’ve gone one entire week with NO rescue. She isn’t COUGH free, and she still complains of tightness occasionally, but when I ask if she needs a treatment, she always says no.

Her current treatment protocol is:
Symbicort: 2 puffs BID
Atrovent: 2 Puffs TID
QVar: 2 puffs BID
Prevacid: 15 mg BID
Align: 1 capsule every day
It appears to be working for right now. She is also one week off the prednisone, I’m not sure if that’s why she’s doing so great, but I’m not going to question it too much. Here’s hoping for a nice long stretch of good breathing and open lungs.

Asthma Education Patch

Today was “asthma education patch” day at Girl Scouts. I think it went really well. It’s kind of hard to “dumb it down” to a 6 and 7 year old level…but I think I did ok.

First, we talked about what Asthma is. Quite a few of the girls knew someone who has it, and a couple of the other girls in the troop also had asthma. (they were preemie twins, and have basically outgrown their lung issues. I’ll bet they are still reactive, though)
Then, the girls got to play with straws with wrappers. They blew the paper off of the straws to show “working airways.” Then they all squeezed the end of the straw and tried to breathe through it. This kind of showed them how the “tubes” in the lungs get tight when someone is having trouble with asthma.
After that, we talked about all of Mariella’s stuff on the table. We talked about the fact that if Mariella is coughing and coughing and coughing that it doesn’t mean she is SICK, and that she can’t get THEM sick. We said that the machine wasn’t anything to be scared of, and it just meant that Mariella was getting the medicine she needs to help her lungs work the right way, and that she will always be fine after she gets the medicine. We also talked about the ways we can keep ourselves healthy, and therefore helping to keep people like Mariella, with asthma, to stay healthy. (eating good foods, washing hands, coughing into their elbows…etc)
We covered that asthma isn’t always coughing or wheezing. That some people have both, or just one…I was wheezing toward the end of the meeting, so they all got to hear a good wheeze. Mariella told them that sometimes she doesn’t cough OR wheeze, that sometimes her chest just hurts or feels tight, and that’s asthma too. That you can’t always SEE that she’s having trouble. We discussed that if the girls saw someone having trouble breathing, or if a friend told them that they were having trouble breathing, that they should always get an adult to help.
Finally, all the girls got to check their O2 level. Mariella got all excited about her 97% reading. Most girls were 99 or 100, and we talked about how different people had different numbers, and that it wasn’t like a test.
I sent them home with pictures of lungs to color, and that was it. Hopefully, if Mariella needs a treatment or puffer at Scouts now, they won’t be afraid. (or as they get older, if they go on a campout or other event, too) the 2 mom’s that were there to help out told me I did a good job and kept it at their level…so I hope they got something out of it.