It’s vacation…and that means SOMEONE must be sick…..

Mariella came home from school yesterday, a whiny ball of goo. She was complaining about everything, her toe hurt, her head hurt, she was tired, she didn’t want a nap…whine, fuss, fuss, whine some more. Finally, it occurred to me to take her temperature. It was slightly elevated…only 100.6 or so. Too low to treat…I like to let the fever do it’s job. We had her lie low during the day, and I put her to bed early. She had complained that she had been coughing all day at school, and that her lungs hurt a little.

She woke up this morning, and was still running a bit of a temp…lower than yesterday, but it was earlier in the day…and I don’t know how many other kids do this, but my kids’ temp goes up as the day progresses. So, I called the Pedi and asked to get her in.
It was one of the docs that I like. He is thorough, and took the time to listen. There were times he went back to certain places and made a face…but he said he didn’t hear wheezes or crackles or anything to indicate pneumonia. I wasn’t going to rock the boat too much, since her temp wasn’t really telling me it was pneumoia, though I wonder what he DID hear that made him listen again, and make a face.
We’re headed out of town this weekend (on a side note, we have a friend who lives in a 1 room apartment who is BEYOND thrilled to live at our house for the long weekend, where she has more than one room, cable and internet) so he said to make sure I bring all her meds (that I do anyway) and make a listing of all her meds and dosages, (which I do) and a list of all the doctor’s phone numbers (which I do that too) I know where the hospital is…and thankfully, we aren’t that far from it. Cape Cod is kind of big, and the entire cape only has one hospital, mid-cape area. Hopefully, we won’t need any of it, but it would be irresponsible to NOT be prepared for an emergent flare. It’s been about a year since our last ER worthy flare…hopefully we won’t break the streak. (posting about it will either ward it off, or make it a guarantee…no way to know.)
The doctor thinks the night time breathing thing is probably her response to some inflammation, and that if she seems uncomfortable, or it wakes her up, I should treat it. I’ll also run it past the Pulmo the next time we go.

3 Responses to “It’s vacation…and that means SOMEONE must be sick…..”

  1. 1 kerri June 22, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Yuck. But, as always, you’ve got a plan in place–and now, just hope that you don’t have to use it!

    I hope that she feels better quickly and can have fun on your trip–and you too!

  2. 2 Amy June 23, 2010 at 1:50 am

    My housesitter (brother) loves staying at my place for the exact same reason, lol. Make sure you post about your trip b/c I’d love to hear about Cape Cod.

    Hope she’s on the mend quickly and you can all enjoy your trip this weekend.

  3. 3 Sarah June 23, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Does Mariella often get delayed expirations (ie, taking a really long time to exhale)? Whenever I have that, my doctor makes a face.

    I hope that she’s feeling better soon, and that you don’t need your “emergent flare” plan over there!

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