Cardiology update

Well…Mariella has a heart. A fully normally functioning heart. We started the appointment with an EKG…and that had all the appropriate spikes and valleys and other things. Then, a doctor came in and spoke with us. I was SUPER impressed that he had read Mariella’s 4 inch thick chart. He did a basic exam…then his supervisor (the “real” cardiologist) came in. (I believe he was a doctor who was changing specialties.) I also really, really liked the real cardiologist. He was thorough, he took the time to talk to me, and answered all my questions. He had also read the chart, and was very well versed on Mariella’s journey. He also did a very thorough physical exam…listening to all the major pulse points on the body.

He was very convinced that there was no issue at all, but he also had Mariella have an echocardiogram. He was funny. He said, “It’s not for me…I don’t think the blue period is cardiac. It’s not even for YOU, since you don’t think the blue periods are cardiac…but if I do a cardiology exam without the echo…Dr. Duda and Dr. Goode are going to ask…’where’s the echo?'”
So, off to the echo room we went. There was a really cool mural in that room, two walls worth, and within the mural, there were hidden pictures. Mariella and I had a good time trying to find them, and then it was time for the ultrasound. She took about a gazillion pictures, we got to hear her heartbeat. (kind of cool, since the last time I heard her heartbeat on an ultrasound, she was in utero. It’s actually the same whoosh whoosh sound, but slightly slower.) She also printed out two of the images for Mariella to bring home. I don’t know how to work the scanner, but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll scan them.
Our appointment was at ten of eleven…the doc was running about 10 minutes late, and we got out of there just after 12:30…so it was a nice long appointment. No real answers, but we really weren’t expecting any. If we found cardiac issues, it would have ADDED an issue, not answered any questions, so I went into this appointment praying for it to show nothing.
Afterward, Mariella and I had a lunch date, and went to Target for her prize. Yes, I reward my child for good, compliant, cooperative behavior at the doctors office. Sometimes, she gets BIG prizes, other times, she gets small prizes. However, when you get told by 5 or 6 different people how well behaved your child is, and how good she does at the doctors, I think it deserves a “Littlest Pet Shop” set. AND, even better…she got a day off of school.
On the respiratory front, the pred seems to be beginning to work it’s magic. She’s still coughing, and complaining of feeling tight…but she’s not as junky. She hasn’t graduated to doing the acapella twice a day, she still has to do it 3 times a day. If on Tuesday, she’s still feeling poorly, or if she goes south over the weekend, I’ll get her squeezed in. (if I’m really unhappy on Monday, I might be able to get the pedi to order a chest series. I won’t ask them to see her, since they can’t ever hear anything anyway.) The pred is making her super sensitive…so we’re fielding all sorts of tears and stuff, for any and all slights, real and imagined…but it could be rages…so I’ll go with supersensitive, crybaby girl.
So, that’s all from here. I have photographic evidence that my youngest has a heart. Along with the MRI from when she was 2 that shows she has a brain…we’re all good.

2 Responses to “Cardiology update”

  1. 1 kerri May 29, 2010 at 3:22 am

    I can’t wait to see the scans of Mariella’s beautiful heart :-).

    I’m sooooo happy everything is normal.

  2. 2 run2wintheprize May 29, 2010 at 3:58 am

    Yay for the good cardiac news. They can be scary… I nearly lost my dad almost exactly 2 years ago because of some.

    Not so yay for the pred… But at least it seems to be helping. I’m not sure if i’m really getting very far with the stuff right now and am too hoping to make it through the weekend.

    I do remember how cool it was to get to listen to my sister’s heartbeat via ultrasound before she was born. I think we have it recorded on cassette tape somewhere… way back in those old technology days. I don’t remember seeing her heart though… Kind of curious what an ultrasound picture of a heart looks like.

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