Nothing new to report….

I’m just missing my girlie.

A. is also doing wonderfully. It’s sometimes hard to determine what is “normal” 9 year old girl behavior, and what is diagnosis related. She really DOES seem to be trying to regulate her behavior…if I could only get her to regulate her smart mouth.

Yesterday, homework time ended with her in tears, and me frustrated beyond belief. I totally GET that math is hard for her…but learning her math facts isn’t an option. She really HAS seen the difference in how well she does in memorizing her states and abbreviations when she started to practice it every day…I only hope that she also sees results in practicing her math facts too.

Things are quiet here, and I haven’t heard anything from the frozen north of NH…so I’ll assume that everything is going well there, too.


1 Response to “Nothing new to report….”

  1. 1 kerri February 24, 2010 at 4:34 am

    Seriously, I’m the kid who STILL at eighteen does not “do” math. (I’m also the kid who was in resource math doing fourth grade math in grade eight, then being completely lost in grade nine).

    It’s really frustrating when you just don’t GET it and you’re trying really hard.

    Hang in there, get her through it. At some point, it may just *click*, and, it may not (I’ve been taught my multiplication tables three times, and no, I don’t know them still). Once it gets past the elementary/middle school phase, calculators are usually allowed to be a students constant companion.

    Good luck, and keep us posted on how shes doing :).

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