This is how it’s SUPPOSED to work…..

Doctor calls in prescription…pharmacy fills prescription…I pay outrageous co-pay for prescription, and go home….in a perfect world…that is how it would work.

In MY world…the past FEW times I’ve gone to the pharmacy to pick up M’s prescriptions…THIS is how it goes…

Doctor calls in prescription…pharmacy DOES NOT fill prescription…because insurance company refuses to pay for prescription without pharmacist and doctor jumping through all sorts of obnoxious hoops…I leave without prescription, with my fingers crossed that said hoop jumping works, and I will be able to pick the prescription up the next day.

I don’t know how to make this easier. I guess having a healthy child would make it easier. I should be thankful that we HAVE prescription coverage at all…but really…we pay for coverage. All the medications we need should be covered by the insurance that we pay for.

Ah, well…this is where I throw in my catch all catch phrase…”it is what it is”


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