The alphabet soup of my life

When I was in school for Occupational Therapy, we all joked that we talked in letters. Everything had an abbreviation, and we rarely used the actual words when we talked to each other.

As I was laying in bed last night, it hit me that I talk in letters again, even though I’m nowhere near the world of OT. Things like “q4 nebs” and PRN and TID fall from my lips as easily as singing my ABC’s. I often forget that not everyone understand what the heck I’m talking about. I was talking to a friend, and said “We’re doing q4 nebs, round the clock, so I’m up twice a night…I’m exhausted.” She looked at me as though I was speaking Swahili, and really, to her…I was.

I was filling in my “purse card” (the listing of all the medications the girls take, along with dosages) because we’ve had another med change…so I needed the card to reflect that. How sad is it, that between the two girls, I literally can’t remember the names or dosages of all the medication they take. A “only” takes 4 medications daily…M, at times, is taking 7 different medications. She’s been asking lately why she has to take so much medication, and how come it doesn’t really make her feel better. I hate that I don’t have the answers.


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